How it works

The Rent Board operates exactly like a bulletin board in that you "post" your vacancies on the board for renters to view.

In order to post a vacancy, you must purchase a set number of advertising days.

  1. If you purchase 30 days of advertising, the system credits your Rent Board account with 30 advertising days. The advertising days purchased remain in your account until you post one or more vacancies.
  2. Post a single vacancy for 30 days, or post 2 vacancies for 15 days each, or post 3 vacancies for 10 days each, or post 30 vacancies for 1 day each! Some property managers choose to post a vacancy on Monday and then remove it on Friday. They then re-post the vacancy on the following Monday (as most people use the Internet during the week, while at work or at school). Your advertising days are only "used" if one or more vacancies are posted.
  3. Remove your vacancies when they are filled and the system will "credit back" any unused days to your Rent Board account. For example, if you post a vacancy for 30 days and after 10 days you find a renter, you may remove your vacancy and the system will credit back 20 days to your Rent Board account. You may then use those 20 days to re-post a vacancy in the future.
What an Ad on gets you?
  • Edit your ad anytime.
  • UNLIMITED pictures you can upload yourself and change anytime.
  • Include YouTube videos in your ad. Associate as many videos as you need with each of your ads.
  • Full page ad with complete detail.
  • Statistics showing the number of times your ad has been viewed.
  • Your ad gets saved in our database for easy re-posting.
  • Text message notifications sent directly to your cell phone.
  • E-mail replies from potential tenants sent directly to you.
  • E-mail notifications sent out to potential tenants wanting to know when new ads are posted.
  • E-mail Reminders: We will e-mail you when your ads are about to expire, so you don't have to wonder whether or not your ads are running.
  • Exposure to thousands of daily visitors.
Ad Rates
Advertising rates as of 16-Sep-2015
All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars
Standard Rates


$10 / month

  • Personal use
  • Unlimited projects
  • 27/7 support


$20 / month

  • Personal use
  • Unlimited projects
  • 27/7 support


$0 / month

  • Personal use
  • Unlimited projects
  • 27/7 support
Why Advertise?

As a rental property manager or owner, you know that vacancies cost you time and money. The longer your property remains vacant the more money you lose in lost rent, mortgage payments, utility and maintenance payments, advertising, and dozens of other costs.

This typical vacancy would cost a landlord between $37 - $54 PER DAY! Just imagine how painful a 60 or 90 day vacancy can get. Have you been there before, are you there now? will drastically reduce your vacancy time. We do this by attracting a tremendous amount of tenants to our website.

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... and start saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Traditional Advertising

How many hours do you spend on the phone talking to tenants that know very little about your property because the ad in the paper looked something like this:

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